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Wealth Management
Parasol Consultants possess significant experience in Wealth Management Technology in one or more of the following application development areas More ...

Sales Technology to help Private Wealth Advisors effectively manage the clients before, during and after the sale. It covers investment management tools, client web and investment research portal.

Trading Technology to provide a wide array of tools to manage, execute and book orders for various financial products such as equities, options, fixed income, structured notes, foreign exchange, mutual funds, IPOs, hedge funds, private equity, derivatives and cash equivalents.

Middle Office Tools to build applications that facilitate the front office and operations staff to perform various account maintenance functions, such as initiating wire transfers, approval of payments and managing of business exceptions using workflow tools.

Core Accounting Technology to build and maintain systems that provide portfolio valuation functions including tax-lot generation, using various depletion algorithms, gain/loss calculations, accretion amortization and yield calculations, calculations of investment returns on various asset classes and comparison to benchmarks.

Reporting Technology to design and maintain report-friendly databases containing all client investment data, and to generate client reports including e-confirms and monthly statements.

Banking Technology to develop and support online banking functions, such as bank depository accounts, automatic bill pay, ACH transfers, direct deposits, checking, debit and charge cards, loans and mortgages.

Compliance Technology to supply the necessary tools to monitor all Wealth Management business activity, addressing both regulatory and internal requirements.

Financial Systems Technology to provide timely and accurate financial information to manage the Wealth Management business, bill clients, post revenues and compensate sales teams. ( Less )

Asset Management
Parasol Consultants possess significant experience in Asset Management Technology in one or more of the following application development areas More ...

Trading and Portfolio Management Technology to build trading tools and developing automation that allow the business to construct portfolios and manage risk. Technologists are aligned to provide the support needed to service our clients.

Alternative Investments Technology to support such functions as portfolio construction, risk monitoring and reporting, as well as the automation of a variety of business processes. ( Less )

Broker/Dealer Applications
Parasolís consultants are experienced in developing front- and middle-office applications that deliver transaction-critical data, automate key business processes and drive operational efficiencies. More ...

Parasol’s consultants have proven experience in developing back-office brokerage solutions that simplify the processing of financial transactions. From online trading and event notification management to automated account opening, maintenance and funding, Parasol enables financial institutions and financial professionals to dramatically reduce operational costs, strengthen customer relationships and improve productivity.

Enterprise Content Management: Enterprise content management software integrates with existing business applications so you reduce, even eliminate, wasteful, redundant tasks.

Imaging & Workflow Solutions:
Automate back office operations tasks such as managing loan originations and opening new accounts Enforce business processes to keep records management consistent and stay in compliance
Keep staff focused on high-value tasks such as serving customers instead of chasing paper . ( Less )

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